Thermaslim™ Treatment in San Diego 

Our Thermaslim™ Infrared Fat Loss Treatment is a proven method that burns fat and calories and helps flush toxins from your body using Infrared heat therapy.

Detoxing and fat burning creams are applied to enhance the process, one designed for entire body detoxing and one for the target areas designed for fat reduction or cellulite reduction. We also send you home with a small complimentary jar of skin firming cream. 

This treatment is ideal if you are looking to lower your body fat and BMI and kick start your Weight Loss regime.

Thermaslim™ is also beneficial in relieving Joint and Muscle Pain.


▪ Minimize and Decrease Body Fat

▪ Benefit from controlled Weight Loss

▪ Increased Metabolism and Circulation

▪ Cleanse and Detox

▪ Help to reduce Cellulite

▪ Minimize Stretch Marks

▪ Nourish Skin

▪ Tighten and Tone Skin

With just one visit you can burn up to 4,000 calories, lose up to 5 lbs., or burn up to 5% body fat.