Nutritional Cleanse Program in San Diego 

The 3 Day Nourishment Cleanse from Solti is the optimal juice cleanse experience. Not only does it provide serious detoxification benefits, but it also contains a vitamin and mineral boost to ensure your body is working at its best.

The package includes 18 functional beverages – that’s six nutritious servings per day – including:

  • Chlorophyll Aloe SuperAde, to hydrate your body and normalize blood and alkalizes with lemon
  • Pure Green, packed with vitamins and nutrients to protect against infection
  • Reishi Turmeric Lemonade, which reduces inflammation and purifies your blood
  • Master Cleanse, to improve circulation and energize you
  • Activated Charcoal Lemonade, with anti-aging and skin-brightening properties

These juices are staggered throughout your days, combined with a steady intake of water, which keeps your body hydrated while flushing your system of toxins. At the end of three days, you’ll feel bright-eyed, clear- headed, and charged with energy.

Can also be made up for a 6 day cleanse.

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