Why Body Wraps are Great for Passing the Military PRT

If you’re in the Navy, you know how stressful the Physical Readiness Test (PRT) can be. Along with being evaluated on how many sit-ups and push-ups you can do, active duty and reservist sailors are held to strict body fat standards as part of the Body Composition Assessment (BCA). The Navy Fitness Training Plans offer detailed nutrition and physical training guidelines to help military personnel prepare, but diet and exercise alone aren’t always enough to give you the lean, sculpted physique you need to meet the Navy’s requirements.

Need help shedding inches to pass your PRT?

At DTOX Republic, we often have military personnel come to us looking for a healthy way they can slim down to “make tape” for an upcoming Body Composition Assessment. When it comes to losing inches and burning calories, nothing works faster or more effectively than a military body wrap.

Body wraps are designed to remove toxins and metabolic waste that accumulate in the body and often manifest as bloating and cellulite. Our mineral detox body wrap uses soft, porous bandages that have been soaked in a formula of natural mineral solution to melt inches and reshape your body in a single session. While everyone’s metabolism is different and results vary from person to person, we guarantee you’ll see a difference in the way you look after spending just an hour of your time with us.

How does a body wrap work?

When you arrive at our wellness studio, we’ll first sit down to talk about your goals and where you’d like to like to lose inches. Men preparing for a PRT often choose to focus on the abdomen, while women typically target the natural waist and hips. We’ll measure these areas to compare the inches lost after your body wrap session. Then, we’ll wrap your body in soft cloths soaked in a natural solution with the goal of drawing toxins and fluid out from between your fatty cells while simultaneously nourishing your body with the minerals it needs to function at its peak. 

Next, we’ll have you perform some light exercise while listening to music or watching television. You won’t be required to do anything strenuous – just enough movement to keep your lymphatic system flowing so it can properly eliminate waste. After 20 minutes, we’ll re-hydrate the bandages with the mineral solution to ensure maximum detoxification. After another 20 minutes of light exercise, we’ll remove the body wrap and re-measure your target areas to track our progress.

Slim down, tone up, and pass the PRT with a body wrap! 

There’s no doubt San Diego is a military town. Between the Navy and Marines, we’re home to the country’s largest concentration of active duty personnel and veterans. Of course, at its heart, San Diego is also a beach town. At DTOX Republic, our body wraps perform double duty, burning calories and shedding inches so you can ace your military PRT and look great in a swimsuit.

Give us a call today at (858) 750-2570 to schedule your appointment, and be sure to ask about our special military package. We’ve been performing body wraps for 15 years and know exactly what areas to focus on to help you achieve your goals.