The Solti Juice Cleanse: The Best Cleanse of 2017

Now that January has passed, it’s time to take stock of how 2017 is going so far. The hope, of course, is that you’re moving steadily forward in your resolutions for the year.  But, for some of us, a lack of energy is holding us back from doing what we want to do and being who we want to be. 
Are you tired but can’t sleep? Hungry, but your stomach’s a mess? Does it feel like someone’s sucked all the energy out of you with an industrial-strength vacuum? Or do you just plain feel…gross?
It could be that you’re in dire need of a detox. And DTOX Republic can help. From our body wraps to our active infrared sauna, we’ve got everything you need to get you back to feeling fresh and full of life, including the best cleanse in 2017—the Solti Juice Cleanse.

Why juice cleanses are important

As San Diego’s premiere wellness studio, our customers already know the benefits of our detoxifying treatments. Our body wraps help release toxins while tightening and toning your figure. And our active infrared sauna is the hottest trend in detox right now, allowing for intense elimination of toxins through sweat. But while these treatments both serve an important role in releasing harmful chemicals from your body, they’re only one piece of the puzzle. 

To round out your detox experience, you’ll want a juice cleanse, too. While body wraps and sauna sessions extract toxins from the outside, juices work from the inside. Our juice cleanses support your health in three important ways: 

  1. Clean out your digestive system 
  2. Release your dependence on junk food and caffeine
  3. Eliminate unhealthy cravings by breaking your bad eating habits

The Solti Juice Cleanse experience

The 3 Day Nourishment Cleanse from Solti is the optimal juice cleanse experience. Not only does it provide serious detoxification benefits, but it also contains a vitamin and mineral boost to ensure your body is working at its best.

The package includes 18 functional beverages – that’s six nutritious servings per day – including:

  • Grapefruit Lemon, to hydrate your body and stimulate your metabolism
  • Pure Green, packed with vitamins and nutrients to protect against infection
  • Reishi Turmeric Lemonade, which reduces inflammation and purifies your blood
  • Master Cleanse, to improve circulation and energize you
  • Activated Charcoal Lemonade, with anti-aging and skin-brightening properties

These juices are staggered throughout your days, combined with a steady intake of water, which keeps your body hydrated while flushing your system of toxins. At the end of three days, you’ll feel bright-eyed, clear-headed, and charged with energy.

What makes Solti superior to other juice cleanses?

With so many juice cleanses on the market right now, it can be difficult to determine which one is the right choice for you. But if you value superior nutrition and a commitment to environmental conservation, then Solti is your best bet. Solti uses 100% organic and raw juice. This means no GMOs, no pesticides, and no chemicals. In addition, all the ingredients are carefully sourced to reduce their environmental footprint, and the drinks are packaged in glass bottles to keep our earth clean. When you cleanse with Solti, you help detox the environment while you detox your body.

Detox your body from the inside out

At DTOX Republic, we offer multiple options for a full detox experience. For a thorough cleansing, we find it’s best to take a multipronged approach, incorporating our body wraps and infrared sauna treatments with a nourishing 3-day juice cleanse. As the cold-pressed Solti juice clears the clutter from your digestive system, a mineral body wrap can balance internal pressure and flush the fluid between your fatty cells. Combined with a detoxifying sweat in our infrared heat sauna, you’ll be feeling refreshed and full of energy in a matter of days. 
Want more great news? When you detox all that junk from inside your body, you’ll also slim your figure. Combining the juice cleanse with the body wrap and the infrared sauna burns calories, reduces fat and the appearance of cellulite, and firms and tightens skin. In other words, you won’t just feel great—you’ll look amazing, too!