Look Your Best at the Del Mar Horse Races

Summer in San Diego means it’s time to get classy for the Del Mar Horse Racing season.  At the Del Mar Thoroughbred Club, it’s not mandatory to dress in your Sunday best, but here in So-Casual SoCal, many of us like to kick it up a notch when we’re heading to the races. Whether that means pulling out your best silk dress or tie, or just ironing your favorite t-shirt, take a look below at some ideas for how to look your best at the Del Mar Horse Races. 

Wear lightweight, breezy clothing

The first rule of looking good is feeling comfortable in your clothing. Stay away from heavy fabrics that will weigh you down or suffocate you while you stand in the sun viewing the horses at the paddock. The truth is, anything goes at the Del Mar Horse Races, but if you plan to dine at the Turf Club, be sure to follow the dress code, which includes: No shorts, tennis shoes, athletic shoes, windbreakers, or torn clothing. Click here for more specifics. [https://www.dmtc.com/season/rules]

Wear a hat and sunglasses

A great hat adds polish to even the most casual attire. It’ll also do double duty by shielding your face from the sun.  The wider the brim on your hat, ladies, the better. Have fun with your hat, but now that Opening Day is over, no need to go too crazy. Add a pair of sunglasses to protect your eyes, and you’ll not only look like a well-accessorized attendee, but you’ll also be able to wander around to various parts of the venue without worrying about exposure to sun or paparazzi. 

Fresh pedicures are always good

No one is going to be assessing the quality of your pedicure, but you’ll know. A day at the Del Mar Horse Races is a special event and a great excuse to go a little bit above and beyond your everyday ordinary. Treat yourself to a fresh pedicure (for the ladies) or a professional shave (for the gents) before the event. It’ll help amp up the feel-good factor.  

Planning an extra special weekend at the races? We can help.

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You deserve to look and feel your best

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