How to Have a Healthy Summer in San Diego

Here in San Diego, summertime is the best time of the year! For some, summer means school is out and their only worry is finding the perfect beach spot with their friends. Others enjoy those warm, evening Padres games going on downtown. And let’s not forget about the San Diego County Fair or the Horse Races that take place at the Del Mar Fairgrounds.

Let’s face it, there’s no shortage of fun and exciting activities in San Diego. Unfortunately, summertime is the easiest time to fall behind on all the hard work you’ve accomplished with your health goals. With all the unhealthy temptations that America’s Finest City has to offer comes plenty of ways to take advantage of the summer sun without ruining your countless months of hard work and dedication. 

Follow these tips to stay healthy this summer:

Visit Your Local Farmers Market

Visiting your local farmers market is always a fun way to shop for food. It gives you a social experience while simultaneously giving you access to the freshest local produce in the area. Not only are you getting the freshest and tastiest foods in the area, but you’re also supporting family farms and helping the environment. Some great farmers markets to check out in San Diego this summer include The Little Italy Mercato Farmers Market every Saturday from 8am to 2pm or The Ocean Beach Farmers Market every Wednesday from 4pm to 8pm. 

Exercise Outdoors

Summertime in San Diego is the perfect time to take your exercise routine from the gym to the great outdoors. Think of it as recess, but for adults. Sure it may get a little hot during the day, but when the heat becomes too much to bear after a 3 mile run on the beach, you can always cool down by going for a refreshing swim in the ocean. Also, there are plenty of yoga studios in San Diego who offer classes right on the beach. And some of these studios have certain days when the yoga classes are free. Don’t limit your fitness routines to the gym this summer. There are countless ways to get plenty of both cardio and strength training in while taking advantage of the San Diego sun. 

Moderation is Key

We never want you to deprive yourself or skip out on a fun event just because these events make it nearly impossible to remain healthy. Say you want to join your friends at the next Padres game where there’s endless amounts of beer and hotdogs, or you’ve been wanting to try out that new, trendy restaurant but all of their signature dishes include something fried. Nobody is perfect, and the key to indulging every once in awhile all comes down to moderation. If you know that you’re going to be having a heavier dinner than normal that night, be mindful of that during all your other meals that day. Try eating lighter throughout that day so you don’t feel like you’ve completely fallen off the wagon once you finish your dinner. 

Go For a Hike

San Diego is filled with the most beautiful hiking trails. New to hiking? That’s okay! There are trails for every skillset from easy to moderate to expert. For the longer hikes, we recommend waking up a little earlier than normal in order to beat the heat. You can start out with an easier hike at the Torrey Pines State Natural Reserve and then work your way up to something a little more challenging like the famous Mt. Woodson Trail, or more widely known as Potato Chip rock. 

DTOX Republic Can Help You Stay on Track This Summer!

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