Detoxing After Thanksgiving Dinner

The holidays are a time of indulgence. During the Thanksgiving holiday, the average American consumes between 3000 and 4,500 calories. That’s more than double the average daily intake in just one meal! This overeating combined with excess sugar and fat, and more alcohol consumption, can throw your body for a loop, making you feel lethargic, bloated, and just plain ugh.

If you want to get back to feeling healthy and energetic, a post-Thanksgiving detox is the way to go. At DTOX Republic in San Diego, we swear by the mineral body wrap detox method – and our clients do, too!

What is a detox?

In a nutshell, a detox is a way of cleansing your blood and ridding your body of unwanted chemicals and toxins. Under normal conditions, your body has its own process for detoxifying your system, but after the indulgence of a heavy, calorie-laden Thanksgiving dinner, that process slows down, and it can take you awhile to feel like yourself again. 

There are several ways you can help detox your body, speed up your metabolism, and increase your overall health. These include mineral body wraps, juice cleanses, and the elimination of certain ingredients (such as gluten, caffeine, or sugar) from your diet. Many detox methods can be helpful, but none are quite so immediately effective as the mineral body wrap. 

How does the mineral body wrap work?

We are naturally exposed to toxins everyday, even more so during the holiday season because of all the junk food we eat. These toxins have adverse affects on our bodies, resulting in a lack of energy and often weight gain as well. The more toxins we take in, the more build up between our fatty cells. 

A mineral body wrap balances your internal cell pressure and cleanses the fluid between your fatty cells. This, in turn, removes toxins and releases the unnecessary accumulation of intercellular fluid build up. It frees up the space for healthy nutrients, and yep, that’s exactly what your body needs after a big Thanksgiving meal. 

What can I expect during the mineral body wrap? 

At DTOX Republic, our mineral body wrap process begins with an evaluation, including weight and head to toe measurement. Then a qualified technician will wrap your body in Ace type bandages soaked with our exclusive mineral formula. Once wrapped, you will do some light exercise in two sets of 20 minutes each. This aerobic exercise will help encourage the elimination of toxins by oxygenating the tissue and getting your lymph moving. Between the two sets of exercise we will rehydrate your wrap to ensure full absorption of the mineral formula. 

After almost an hour, we will remove the wrap and re-measure you. Not only will you feel renewed and reenergized, but you may also get a little giddy when you see the inches you’ve lost during your mineral body wrap. 

Post Thanksgiving detox and body sculpting? Yes, please!

No matter how derailed your health routine becomes over Thanksgiving, a detox can put you right back on track. Our mineral body wrap helps reduce the bloating, nausea, and lethargy you’re left with after the holiday. It even reduces fat and the appearance of cellulite. So, yeah, you can head into December looking and feeling amazing in your slinkiest holiday dress. 

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