Body Wraps Can Help You Pass Your Military PRT and Look Beach Body Ready

San Diego is undeniably a military town. Between the Navy and the Marines, there are over 80,000 military personnel in San Diego County. And being in the military comes with a series of strictures regarding lifestyle, up to and including physical fitness. 

Regardless of what branch of the military you’re a part of, there is a Physical Fitness Test, or Physical Readiness Test, that comes with the job. How frequently you are required to take and pass this test varies from branch to branch, but all members of the military will have to take a PRT at some point during their careers. And part of the PRT is body composition measurement.

Want help slimming down and passing your PRT?

There are a lot of things that you have to do to prepare for a PRT, including getting your time down for a mile and a half run, making sure your swimming is up to standard, and ensuring that you can do the required amount of push ups and sit ups. Another option open to you, to ensure that you reach your goals for inch loss and calorie burning, is a DTOX Republic Body Wrap.

Our mineral detox body wrap is designed so that you will see results immediately, even after only one treatment, which means that we can guarantee inch loss after you spend only an hour of your time. Our proprietary formula is guaranteed to reduce inches as well as the appearance of cellulite from any and all of your problem areas.

How the Body Wrap works

When you come into our offices, we will sit down with you to ascertain your goals and desires, and assess your stated problem areas. We will then — using our patented, soft and porous bandages — wrap your body in cloths soaked in our exclusive solution. But our wrap is not a water dehydration wrap: indeed, it’s about drawing toxins out of the body, toxins that can cause skin irritation, bloating, and cellulite. Our wrap will allow you to draw the toxins out of the spaces between fatty cells, giving your entire body a firmer, more sculpted look, and reducing inches as well as promoting weight loss.

While you are wrapped, you will engage in some light activity in the wrap for about forty minutes, broken into two periods. Nothing excessive, just enough to keep the circulation flowing throughout your system that will ensure that you expel toxins. All told, you will spend about an hour in the bandages, per session. That’s an hour closer to your weight loss or physical fitness goals!

Weighing and measuring before and after the wrap will show you your results, which are always instantaneous. 

Pass the PRT and look great on the beach!

Adding a Body Wrap to your workout regimen will not only help you nail your military PRT, but it’ll also make you turn heads on the beach this summer. Whether for work (ensuring that you ace your physical fitness test) or for play (getting your body swimsuit ready) our Body Wraps can help you achieve all of your goals.

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