7 Tips to Help You Stay Healthy this Holiday Season

Combine an abundance of baked goods with chilly weather meant for baggy sweaters and coats and you have the perfect recipe for holiday weight gain. But just because gaining a few pounds or 10 during the holidays is common doesn’t mean it’s inevitable. There are several ways to stay healthy through New Year’s Eve without skipping every party invite and declining every treat passed your way. So go ahead and buy that sparkly cocktail dress and check out these 7 tips for staying healthy during the holidays:

Tip #1: Get off to a slim start

Getting off to a slim start before the holiday party season will make it easier to stay motivated and healthy through the New Year. And one of the quickest, safest, most effective ways to reduce fat, tighten your skin, and detox your body is a Mineral Body Wrap.

At DTOX Republic, our specialized wrapping technique allows our proprietary natural mineral solution to sculpt and firm your problems areas (including thighs, hips, midsection and arms) while cleansing and detoxifying your body. You’ll leave the treatment invigorated, noticeably trimmer, and motivated to stay that way—especially if you want to wear that sparkly dress to more than one event.

Tip #2: Keep moving

With an extra-hectic schedule during the holiday season, it might be difficult to fit in regular exercise. If you can, schedule workouts as if they are appointments you must keep.  But if that’s asking too much, it’s crucial to keep your body moving somehow. Just five minutes of brisk movement for every 30-60 minutes you spend sitting reduces risk factors for heart disease and other conditions like diabetes. 

The great part about the holiday season is there are plenty of non-traditional ways to stay active, like walking around neighborhoods famous for their light displays, attending outdoor holiday festivals, or participating in holiday fun-runs. And of course, there’s always dancing at all those holiday parties. Whatever you do, try to get your heart rate up at least three times a week.

Tip #3: Stay hydrated

If you’re staying adequately active, your body will need extra fluids, so be sure to drink at least eight, 8-oz servings of water per day. An easy way to maintain the habit is filling a 64-ounce water jug in the morning and drinking it dry by bedtime.
Aside from allowing your body functions to run smoothly, proper hydration will also keep you from overeating. The brain sometimes confuses thirst for hunger, drawing you to the buffet table instead of the water pitcher—and yes, water is best. Alcoholic drinks, juice, soda, coffee and tea have negative nutritional properties that cancel out any hydration benefits.

Tip #4: Eat before you go

If you’re attending a party or event that is sure to have a wide variety of sugary, fatty foods on display, it’s a good idea to eat a small, healthy meal before you go. That way you can still have a bite or two of some “forbidden” items without needing to fill up.
Many people think an “all or nothing” mentality is the best way to get through the season without gaining weight. But avoiding events entirely—or denying yourself even the smallest bite of a delectable treat—tends to sour the holiday spirit, so don’t be afraid to allow yourself a few well-deserved indulgences.

Tip #5: Just say no to leftovers

Family gatherings during the holidays usually mean well-meaning relatives loading you up with leftovers before you leave. While the idea of delicious, free, easy-to-reheat meals for the next few days might sound tempting, it’s best to decline and stick with your healthy meal plan instead.
But if it’s impossible to deny your pouting aunt with an armful of Tupperware, take it anyway and drop it off at a shelter, give it to a lonely neighbor, or bring it to work to share. Just don’t let leftovers sit in your fridge for long or the siren call of high-calorie tastiness will be too much to ignore.  

Tip #6: Skip the baked gifts

Homemade baked goods are wonderful gifts. In addition to being delicious, all the effort and love that goes into baking makes for a meaningful gift that will be remembered long after the last crumbs are gone. But if you’re serious about staying healthy for the holidays, it’s probably best to hang up your apron for the season. Even if you plan on giving away every last square of fudge, the temptation to lick that spoon or sample that cookie is too great.
If you’d still rather avoid the mall and give home-baked gifts from the heart, try a pretty jar filled with the dry ingredients for cookies or muffins—all the recipient has to do is add a couple of wet ingredients for a fresh-baked treat anytime (and nowhere near your waistline).

Tip #7: Detox in the New Year

If January 1 rolls around and you didn’t end up sticking to your stay-healthy plan as well as you hoped, don’t worry—DTOX Republic can help. You can shed extra pounds and cleanse your body of toxins quickly with a few sessions in our Active Infrared Sauna, which combines the intense calorie burn of trampoline jumping with the toxin flush of sweating in a sauna.
Unlike traditional steam saunas that can be uncomfortably hot, Active Infrared Saunas use infrared heat that feels cooler (around 100-130 degrees F) but offers the same benefits of sweating: detoxification, increased endorphin levels, and boosted metabolism. You burn more calories when demanding conditions like high temperatures are combined with physical activity. In just one session with the Active Infrared Sauna, you can burn up to 600 calories!

Ready to get instantly trimmer?

Whether you want a trim baseline before tackling those tempting holiday parties or you need a little assistance with those post-holiday pounds, DTOX Republic in San Diego can help. In addition to Mineral Body Wraps and Active Infrared Saunas, we offer Thermaslim, Endermatherapy Cellulite Treatment, and other services that will help you look and feel your best. So call us for a consultation today!